Digital expansion / DACH & CEE region

I can assist you through all phases of entering a foreign market. Expanding into international markets is often a critical endeavor for most companies – it can either lead to significant scalable growth for your business or result in substantial financial losses without notable successes. Having witnessed both outcomes throughout my career, I advise not to leave anything to chance and to not underestimate the preparation required for entering foreign markets.

I cooperate with native speakers from Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia.

Thinking about expansion in a big-picture way

  1. Generally, expansion is costly. Investments rarely yield returns within just a few months. This should be considered right from the initial discussions.
  2. Expensive quantitative analyses aren’t always necessary. Plenty of data can be obtained from community Facebook groups or positive/negative reviews of competitors.
  3. Simply translating a website and launching PPC campaigns is not enough. From the beginning of the expansion, it’s essential to consider content marketing, community engagement, thoughtfully crafted newsletters, etc.
  4. Website localization is crucial. Without appearing credible, and lacking local payment methods, or local certifications, you won’t succeed.
  5. Expanding without knowledge of the target language is difficult. A native speaker should be involved from the initial phase of expansion analysis.
  6. From the start of your presence in the target market, it’s necessary to build online PR. You’ll have zero brand awareness in a new market. It’s important to anticipate that customers will likely Google your brand before inquiring. Controlling the first page of Google results should be a priority from day one.

In which areas will we collaborate?

Market Analysis

I'll prepare a detailed analysis of the market, target group, and competition for you. Based on the collected data, I'll create an expansion plan and budget, including a preliminary calculation of the investment return.

Website Localization

I'll ensure not only translation and marketing proofreading but also a basic user experience analysis and recommendations on how to increase the credibility of your website in the target market - whether through certifications, local payment methods, or adapting the shopping cart to local customs.

Online Marketing Strategy

Expansion goes beyond PPC campaigns. It's essential to work on search engine optimization, retention marketing, and investments in increasing your presence in online communities from the start.

Our Collaboration Journey


Initial non-binding meeting including a first consultation on expansion.


Creation of an initial market analysis, including a budget proposal and return on investment estimation.


Preparing the internal team for expansion, starting work on translations.


Preparing the website and its localization for the target market.


Launching online marketing and other activities to support brand awareness.

Jan Skrabanek

Group Marketing Director at Woltair​

I really recommend Milan for any SEO activities especially when expanding to DACH region. His expertise and delivery in the field is top class. He is proactive in identifying opportunities for improvements. Proposed strategies have greatly contributed to our online visibility. I have complete trust in his abilities and know that I can always rely on him.