Mária Mrázková a Martin Svoboda

Google Tschechien und die Slowakei​

Milan ist nun im zweiten Jahr als Google Certified Trainer tätig. In dieser Zeit war er Teil unserer Business Academy als Dozent und beteiligte sich auch als Berater am Exportbeschleuniger. Tschechische und slowakische E-Shops hatten lange Angst vor dem Export in deutschsprachige Länder, aber in Zusammenarbeit mit Milan gibt es nichts zu befürchten – er hat mehreren E-Shops nicht nur den Eintritt in den deutschen Markt ermöglicht, sondern auch erfolgreiches Wachstum dort. - Mária Mrázková und Martin Svoboda, Google Tschechien und Slowakei

Adam Zamojski

Performance Marketing Manager at Sportisimo​​

Milan kann ich als zuverlässigen und leidenschaftlichen Marketingberater empfehlen. Er verfügt über eine starke Kenntnis des deutschen Online-Marktes, die er leicht in praktische Vorschläge umsetzt. Ich schätze seine breite Expertise - er unterstützt uns in vielen Bereichen, von technischem SEO bis hin zur Preisgestaltung. Er gibt sich selten mit einem 'Nein' zufrieden, wenn er überzeugt ist, dass ein Vorschlag zur Erreichung unserer Ziele beitragen wird.

Ekaterina Osipenko

Head of Digital Marketing at Eurowag​

I had the pleasure of working with Milan as a SEO consultant on a number of projects in B2B industry. He is highly skilled professional, always updated with fast paced industry knowledge and brilliant on achieving challenging goals. On the top of that he is a bright leader, and a strong motivator for his team, and even clients.

Jan Vlček

Marketing and PR manager at Akcenta​

Die Zusammenarbeit mit Milan war immer perfekt; er hat den deutschen Markt fest im Griff und ist ein exzellenter Profi. Zudem spürt man ehrlich, dass er unserem Geschäft helfen möchte. Was vereinbart wurde, hat auch immer Bestand.

Matěj Brnka

Project Manager at​

Die Zusammenarbeit war großartig und professionell. Die Ergebnisse der SEO-Analyse waren klar formuliert und verständlich. Im Rahmen der Analyse erhielten wir Vorschläge zur Verbesserung des aktuellen Inhalts, zum Aufbau neuer Inhalte und mehrere Tipps zur Verbesserung.

Pavel Makovský

Founder at EDU Effective​

I can highly recommend cooperation with Mr. Fiala. He is an expert in his field, and we are glad to have his services and detailed knowledge; they help us a lot in meeting our foreign expansion goals. I appreciate his fast communication.

Jan Skrabanek

Group Marketing Director at Woltair​

I really recommend Milan for any SEO activities especially when expanding to DACH region. His expertise and delivery in the field is top class. He is proactive in identifying opportunities for improvements. Proposed strategies have greatly contributed to our online visibility. I have complete trust in his abilities and know that I can always rely on him.

Ivo Pacinek

CMO at Sportega​

Milan is an expert in SEO and UX for the German market. During consultations, he sought functional solutions with a focus on business and priorities.

Jan Ostatek

SEO Consultant at New Your Self​​

I have collaborated with Milan on several international projects. Always professional and exceptionally well-prepared. His practical experience has often helped us break through the concrete wall that Czech companies face in the German online environment. I recommend his services to anyone planning to expand into the German market.

Thea Zinner

Senior SEO Consultant, former colleague​​

Milan and I worked closely together for more than 3 years, we’ve worked together on several clients/projects during my time at eVisions. I greatly appreciate having worked with him, I am a better marketer having had the opportunity to work with Milan and it brought me to where I am today. His knowledge on the German market, his deep expertise in international SEO, online expansion and (international) marketing in general helped us always in the team to come up with more efficient solutions for our clients and develop new ideas and approaches. If you’re looking for an expert to take your project to the next level, you should contact Milan. Not only is he very skilled what he is doing, understanding clients’ needs and then delivering the necessary outcomes. But also are his ability to deal with problems and come up with new ways to solve those or achieve results always an inspiration. I'd recommend any company looking for his skill set to consider him for their next project.

Radovan Uhliar

Senior Facebook Consultant, former colleague​​

I had the opportunity to observe Milan from his beginnings in our agency to the present. He quickly absorbed theoretical knowledge and then launched his own projects. During our collaboration, he actively proposed new paths towards the set goals, continuously consulted his steps, and adhered to deadlines. Over time, he began to specialize in SEO in German-speaking countries and undoubtedly built one of the most extensive know-hows in this area. I can recommend Milan to anyone looking for a truly passionate and meticulous specialist in search engine optimization, as well as other marketing areas. A significant bonus is his knowledge of the German-speaking markets and his ability to perform flawlessly even in front of large audiences.

Petra Venusova

Senior SEO Consultant, former colleague​​

I have been working with Milan for more than a year. During this time, I have had the opportunity to get to know him on two levels - mainly in terms of working on client projects and also as a member of the team that Milan led. On the first point, it is important to mention that Milan's approach to clients is truly above standard. Milan is a real „yes man“ and always finds a way to help a project beyond the scope of work. Nothing is impossible for him, which is actually what he is known for :) That is why I am very glad that I had the opportunity to learn from Milan at the beginning of my career. His passion for his work is truly inspiring. As a teamleader, he also motivated me to constantly work on my hard and soft skills. He fully supported and mentored all his team members. In addition to being a true expert in his field, Milan also has a very good level of social intelligence and people skills. I would really recommend working with Milan to anyone, whether a client or a business partner.

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